Agenda for Panel Discussion

  1. Introduction of Topic - Panel Moderator, Vicki Davis, Intro & Backchannel - This will introduce the topic and point out the links to the backchannel, a note about ustream, and point out how this event was twittered. Vicki will also monitor backchannel to post questions for this event.
  2. Viral PD: A Case Study of Google Presentations
    Vicki introduce each panelist 1) Tell your story about "the google presentation" - 2) Define Viral PD to you? - 3) What are your favorite viral PD tools? Each presenter should take 5-7 minutes - Someone needs to show the google pres and the revisions. (Tentative Order)
    Darren Draper
    Kelly Dumont
    Kristin Hokanson
    Robin Ellis
    Ryan Bretag
    Beth Ritter-Guth
    Carolyn Foote
  3. Viral PD: Case Study - Open PD Darren Draper and Robin Ellis Talk about OPen PD and how it went viral.
  4. Viral PD: Case Study - Best Educational Practices in SLConference Ryan Bretag and Beth Ritter-Guth (presenting remotely)
  5. Viral PD: Tool Study - Kelly Twitter/ Skype
  6. Viral PD: Tool Study Kristin Diigo / Delicious
  7. Viral PD: Tool Study Stephanie Ustream
  8. Viral PD: tool Study - Backchannel Chats Kelly (there) Backchannel Chats
  9. Viral PD: tool Study Live Blogging Carolyn? Live Blogging: Cover it Live (We need someone to be in coveritlive -- do you want to be one of the people so that we may talk about it?
  10. Q&A -- Stephanie and John pose questions from the backchannel.
  11. Summarization of Viral PD Panel - Vicki Davis

Tasks and Responsibilities

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Live Bloggers

People who will embed the coveritlive code in their blogs:

Presentation Slides

  • Vicki will create the skeleton in Powerpoint and then forward to Darren -- each person will add their piece, then it will be returned to Vicki who will convert to a Google presentation
  • Screen 1 - Darren will show Ustream & Presentation on his screen w/ Camtwist for chat. (will he ustream or will stephanie?
  • Screen 2- Ryan will be in SL with beth and skype her in (his computer plugged into audio) to do their portion of the presentation -- could we also show the backchannel chat beside the Second life screen.
  • Beth will show slides within SL and will make these available on Slideshare.

Backchannel Moderator(s) - Backup panelists

  • John McKlary
  • Stephanie Sandifer

Google "jockeys" - throw in links

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  • #2

The Live Blog post

Everyone is scheduling the blog postto go live on Scheduled for publication -6/2/2008 7 am EDT

Archive of past recordings

Past recordings will be posted here