This is our working to do list:

Current To Do Items:

  • Wiki Clean up
  • Decide the platforms and publicity that we'll want to spread about this
  • Complete information we can share about this session and how others can join in Join_In - Darren, Kelly, Robin (will create google doc- who else wants to help?)
  • Logo or graphic (Stephanie will work on this)
  • Online resources/ links/ handouts
  • Voicethread - Robin
  • Beth - animoto/onetrue media video about social networks in classrooms
  • Beth / Ryan - using ISTE island as point for session -- streaming into ISTE island (ustream?)
  • Vicki - hashtags
  • Stephanie -- setup and manage ustream video/audio (I have my own equipment)
  • Claudia - moderator for ustream chat
  • ? - secure moderators for Chatzy and set up

Complete Items and Details:

Something to consider?
In the past at NECC bandwidth has been an issue in many sessions and I believe this will also be the case again this year, if not more of an issue than it has been in the past. I say this thinking about the SL piece of the presentation along with Ustream, two tools which may be bandwidth intensive on a good day, regardless if we could all be hardwired into a network or not. If Stephanie is Ustreaming from the session would it make sense to have a back up for Ruth and trying to stream SL into the session? Can there be video taken in SL that we can have locally on one of our machines rather than run the risk of having a portion of the presentation be ineffective due to bandwidth issues beyond our control. Just thinking out loud, I am not the techiest person in the bunch, but know of the difficulties I can run into in SL when the network is slow. Robin 3/14/08